“Bryan had me shooting from points of view that made me think I was in one of those commercials where the lady yells, “Help, I have fallen and I can’t get up!” But no fear as Bryan was not only there to pick me up but he assured me that these low points of view were what was needed to get the shot. And you know what? Bryan was right! My husband exclaimed when I got home, “Wow! That’s beautiful! You really took that!?”
Martha R.

“Bryan is one of the most selfless photography instructors I have ever met. His level of enthusiasm and desire to teach is truly infectious. He makes you want to learn, he makes you so damn excited to get up early and he makes you thankful you stayed out well past your bedtime. There really is something to shoot at most any hour of the day or night. I know that now, thanks to Bryan.”
Scott D.

“I have taken nine workshops from Bryan over the last five years and I always learn far more than I ever thought was possible! The guy is a creative genius!”
Steve W.

“Before attending my first Bryan Peterson workshop two years ago in Tucson, I had been to three other workshops, all taught by ‘nationally known photographers’. Having had this experience with these ‘known’ photographers, did not prepare me for what I was about to be part of in a Bryan F Peterson Photo Workshop.

I was immediately struck by how odd it was to see Bryan right there next to me, asking if I needed help or if he could show me something that I had missed a few steps earlier. I say ‘odd’, because in the three prior workshops, the instructors would tell us to spread out, have a good day and meet up in two hours. And off they went to shoot on their own! And if I did ask them a question, the answer was often muffled and if I asked for any suggestions on what to shoot or how to shoot it, I was often told “creativity is a personal matter and just listen to your inner voice”. What??? In other words I was made to feel I was troubling the instructor!

Needless to say, I have been to two more workshops with Bryan and for the best reasons of all; Bryan Peterson is the real deal and shares his vast knowledge, experience and his creativity freely with everyone in attendance!”

Tanya M.

“I credit Bryan Peterson with my winning two photography contests. One of the winning images was taken on his Provence workshop and the other image was taken a few weeks after I took his Oregon workshop. The Provence image won First Prize and $500.00 and the other image won second prize in a state wide camera club competition. If you have never taken one of his workshops you really are missing out!”
Darla B.

“I have never met an instructor who so freely gives of his knowledge and creative ideas. I have taken two workshops from Bryan and it seems that Bryan’s primary purpose in each of the workshops is to make certain that no one goes home without a far greater understanding of composition and exposure as well as an abundance of great images. A workshop that in my view, is at it should be!”
Seth L.

“Bryan is without a doubt a true master of his craft. That’s obvious in all his books, but when I actually met him, I really had a hard time believing on that first day that this guy could really be that friendly and generous with his knowledge and his many creative suggestions but he was! By the second day, I had no choice but to surrender my preconceived notions that Bryan was going to be a prima donna or that Bryan would hold back on the sharing of his creativity. Bryan does not hold back with his desire that everyone goes home happy and fulfilled. He is truly a class act and a phenomenal instructor of the art of photography.”
Dan C.

“DO NOT sign up for a Bryan Peterson Workshop if your biggest wish is to learn how to make a ho-hum image much better with the help of post-processing via Lightroom or PhotoShop. You will quickly discover that time spent with post-processing is not Bryan’s thing and you will quickly understand why! After attending one of his workshops I ‘saw’ more than I ever imagined, and because of Bryan’s help, I was able to get so much more ‘right’ in camera, thus considerably reducing my time spent in post processing and that was so liberating! He really does show you how to get the perfect light, exposure and composition in camera so all that remains is a bit of minor tweaking in Lightroom or PhotoShop. These workshops are honestly life changing!”
Sierra S.

“I got my money’s worth in the first two hours of the four-day workshop. I couldn’t believe how much attention I got and how articulate Bryan was in answering many of my questions. Because of that first workshop experience, I returned for three more and can honestly say, the success I have experienced today as a commercial photographer is due in very large part to the teachings of Bryan F Peterson.”
Chris C.

“One of the greatest things about doing these workshops is hanging out with like-minded people! Couple that with Bryan’s infectious enthusiasm, his boundless energy, his deep reservoir of creativity and his countless suggestions on composition, it is no wonder I have taken at present, five workshops with Bryan over the last four years and I will no doubt be back for a sixth workshop too.”
Jim F.