Private One-on-One On Location Workshops



Private One-on-One On Location Workshops

$795 per day, plus my expenses in coming to you, (by air or car, plus my hotel) 

Although I have been doing private one on one instruction for quite some time, I have never publicly announced it as such, until now. 

If you feel you are more inclined to benefit from one-on-one private instruction, then this will be great news for you. 

First of all, I come to you at a place that you feel is the best environment/location for you to put into practice the challenges that you are facing in the area of exposure and/or composition and by the end of each day, you will discover that most if not all of your photographic hurdles have not only been addressed but you are now able to see a much clearer path ahead in what’s required to overcome them. If you are familiar with my books and/or my approach to teaching photography in the field than you already know of course how I can be so confident that you will be a much more informed and visually aware photographer at the end of each day we spend together, one-on-one. 

Before you and I get together, I would first like to hear more about you so I can best determine what course of action is necessary that will make you feel “wonderful and excited about image making” once our session or sessions are over, so please email at [email protected] and tell me how you would like to spend your time shooting what subjects, and in what location(s) and also tell me what YOU think you struggle with and what YOU wish to achieve during our time together. 

In addition to our time spent shooting, consider also how much time if any you would like to spend on getting a clearer idea of understanding post-processing and keep in mind that I am exclusively an Adobe Camera Raw (Bridge) and Photoshop user. I do not use Lightroom or Luminar. 

To book a day or days, you would choose from the available dates above, July 27th through August 19th and include those dates in your initial email to me as well. 

I look forward to hearing from you and most of all I am excited, as always to help you further in your pursuit of photographic excellence.