Provence, France 2019 SOLD OUT



Valensole Plain/Sault/Lavender and Sunflowers
Five-Day Workshop $1595.00
July 3-7, 2019
Meet and greet July 2nd, 7pm
10 students maximum

Five full days in southern France including the lavender and sunflowers field atop rich and fertile Valensole Plain and the region of Sault. Visits to the many quaint villages of Provence include Banon, Greoux Les Bain, Roussillon and Gordes. This is a landscape photographer’s paradise as we head out each and every morning shortly after sunrise to be greeted by rolling fields of lavender and sunflower fields. And the night of July 5th finds us shooting a fantastic moonrise atop the Valensole Plain. This workshop will allow you to become very familiar with the use of your wide-angle and telephoto lenses and a chance to practice and grow your compositional vision. A must workshop for anyone who has the lavender and sunflower fields on their bucket list!

We will be meeting up in the “artists village’ of Lourmarin, France and this is also where the recommended hotel is located. The reasons are many, not the least of which is because the nearby town of Lauris (3-km away) wants to host an exhibition/show of the work that will be produced by you, the students in this workshop. Additionally the workshop group will be the guests of honor in the small town of Lauris at a Saturday night outdoor jazz concert. (Yeah I know this sounds all crazy but it has much to do with a contact I made this summer during the 2018 Provence Workshop!)

In addition, I am working on setting up a full day of shooting in the ‘Camargue’ which is quite a famous area where REAL French cowboys work herds of both cows and bulls plus gather up the many wild white horses and create one photo opportunity after another as they run free through the salt marshes in the Carmague. IF I can make this work, there will be an extra charge of $200.00 per student for this all day opportunity to shoot both the cowboys, horses and bulls. (It is not uncommon to pay as much as $500-$700per day in the Carmague for a similar opportunity, but again, I am relying on this great contact I made this summer to help push this through and IF I can make this happen, you will honestly feel that this one day along was the best $200 you ever spent! (Just Google ‘wild horses and the Camargue’ and you will see what you can expect!)

And to be clear, the 2019 Provence workshop is a five day workshop that historically has been a four day workshop, so there is already built into the workshop an ‘extra day’ of shooting so why not try and do the Camargue!  (If I can’t get it to work, no worries as I will have no trouble filling the time with any number of other locations in the area since I lived in France for ten years and know many of the ‘hidden gems’ in Provence!)
If you are planning on renting a car you have no concerns getting to Lourmarin. Please be aware that Lourmarin has no train service. I or someone else will arrange to pick you up at either the train station in Marseille or Aix en Provence, and  if flying into Marseille then at airport. You just need to let us know how you are arriving and at what time.

Meet and greet July 2nd at 7:00 PM in the hotel lobby. Workshop conducted July 3-7 ending July 7 at 5pm.

Workshop fee does include all ground transportation in an air-conditioned over-sized van during the workshop dates, July 3 through July 7.

Participants must make their own hotel reservations and cost of the hotel is not included in the workshop fee. The following hotel is recommended and due to peak season, it is recommended that you book your room as soon as possible for the best availability options.

*You can stay at any hotel of your choosing, but this is where you will meet up, July 2nd at 7pm for the meet and greet.
Question or waitlist. Email Monique at [email protected]