$250 per hour

Perhaps you do not have time for an on-location workshop or you simply want to accelerate your photography skills? Then perhaps these one hour zoom sessions just might be for you!

If your needs are in the area of post-processing and/or you have a strong need for some serious critiquing of your work then I strongly suggest you consider one or several one-hour zoom sessions spread out over several weeks or months if you wish. You choose the date and time and I will confirm if those dates and times are possible. During these highly informative One Hour one-on-one zooms, we will have ample time to discus and practice post-processing techniques and/or your in-camera exposure or compositional challenges. Having done these one-on-one zooms now for the past two years, I can promise that you will benefit in ways you have never imagined. You will simply end each one hour zoom session as a much more informed and visually aware photographer. You will KNOW how to combine your in-camera shooting with sometimes just small incremental post processing additions that will take your photography to the next level. 

As you plan to have your images critiqued, keep that number limited to no more than 25 and make sure these are images that showcase your best work, as well as some images that you have fallen short but are not sure why. 

In order to better plan our time together during our one hour zoom sessions, please email me, [email protected]  and tell me as much about yourself that you wish, including what it is exactly you wish to accomplish during these one hour sessions.