Prague/Cesky Krumlov/Vienna/Budapest



SOLD OUT – Waitlist only. Email Lisa @ [email protected]

8-NIGHT/9-DAY Workshop


July 22-29th (Workshop limited to SIX students) 

Meet and greet July 21st, 7pm hotel lobby in Prague

This workshop will be, quite possibly, the most memorable and picturesque ‘vagabond’ road trip I have ever offered on the European continent. A ‘vagabond’ road trip means simply that we travel in two large vans with plenty of room to move landscape/weather/village or town that lies before us, yet all the while bedding town each night in four of the most idyllic, picturesque and romantic cities in all of Europe, beginning with Prague, (July 21-22-23) then moving on to Cesky Krumlov, (July 24-25) then Vienna (July 26-27)  and finishing in Budapest (July 28-29), checking out the morning of July 30th)

You have two options regarding your plans AFTER the workshop is completed. You can 1) book the first half of your roundtrip flight to arrive in Prague and the second half of your round trip flight to depart from Budapest, or 2) if you prefer, you are welcome to join me as I drive back to Prague, where I will return the large van to the airport in Prague, an approximate 8-hour drive, a one day journey,  with a few rest stops along the way. I do plan to leave, for Prague, no later than 7am, July 30th.

*Price does not include hotels or food, BUT the hotel’s in Cesky, Vienna and Budapest are already booked, (all single rooms that do accommodate couples) and upon check-in you will then present your credit card for the payment of your room. The hotel in Prague is also booked, BUT you are not required to stay there. If you wish, you may stay at any hotel of your choosing during our three nights in Prague. Average cost per night for your hotel room will be $105.00