On Assignment



A course that celebrates your creativity-every week!

$495.00 8-week course
Starts January 7th
‘meet and greet’ on Zoom

“Wow! THE BEST course ever here at BPSOP and I have taken more than 12 courses in the last two years!” Susan P.

“LOVED LOVED LOVED the weekly challenges of each assignment. I had no idea how creative I could be when pushed!” Jerry F.

“Just signed up again for January’s course. This course was too much fun and I don’t want it to stop!” Count me in!” Barbara M.

“I just had more darn fun these past eight weeks and felt more inspired than I have felt in long time. Count me in for the January session too!”  Skip D.

If you are having trouble staying motivated or looking for inspiration or simply need an excuse to pick up the camera then this 8-week course will address THE one area that ALL of us need help with; expanding our creativity even further with our camera and lenses and also learning to expand it a wee bit further with Photo-Shop! It is such a simple concept for a photography class too, it makes me wonder why I didn’t think of this kind of photo class before! 

Each week, two assignments will be offered, assignments that are intended to make you think, assignments that will challenge your vision, assignments that will challenge what you think you know and to call your attention to that which you do not know. 

Following each weekly assignment, students will send direct to my email address, [email protected] their top five images from the two assignments, all jpegs at 13” on the long end and at a resolution of 72. And each week you and YOUR classmates and I will collectively critique your images LIVE over the course of a 90-minute ZOOM meeting that meets every Thursday at either 1PM EST or 7PM EST and/or every Sunday at either 1PM or 7pm EST AND every meeting is taped and posted as a private URL on YOU TUBE so you can also review and listen again and again to the comments about your work and IF you can’t make a given Thursday or Sunday critique session, you can always watch it later. 

In addition to these LIVE weekly critiques, we will always take the time to discuss the creative process and discuss your frustrations, challenges and elations you may have felt and also suggest many ideas on how to overcome many of those challenges. 

Of the 26 different assignments, at least 4 of the assignments will be Photoshop related but no worries as with these four assignments, actual video lessons will be made available prior so you will have the opportunity to apply the Photoshop principles that these assignments will call for and NO these are NOT complex multi-layering composited Photoshop assignments! 

Below are just four of the 28 assignments from which you will choose 16 to work on over the course of our eight weeks together. This will give you an idea of how this course promises to challenge your creativity as well as keep you motivated and inspired!  

1)    Create at least two difference compositions that illustrate the following statement: “There never was a night so dark or despair so bleak that a sunrise or hope could not defeat.”

2)     Choose one or two the following four words: lethargic, decisive, trust or pain, and create compositions that bring these words to mind but at no time can you use a person or any parts of a person i.e., hands or eye as part of the composition.

3)    Shoot ONLY ‘close-ups’ with your wide-angle lens for the entire week.

4)    Shoot, compositions that are at least 75% red and the remainder being its color compliment (red/green) OR 75% Blue and 25% Orange or 75% Yellow and 25% Purple


Because of the unique nature of conducting all of our weekly critiques in real time, your fellow students and myself, will no doubt affirm your photographic strengths as well as make it clear what areas of photography need more attention from you. No matter what you love to photograph this course is simply about elevating your photography in every area and who doesn’t want to be a better photographer?  

The next ON ASSIGNMENT course begins with a Meet and Greet on THURSDAY January 7th at 8PM EST. After you have signed up for the course you will get the URL links to all of the Zoom meetings including the meet and greet. And then for the next eight weeks, we will meet every Thursday at either 1PM or 7pm EST: January 14th, 21st, 28th, February 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, ending on March 4th or every Sunday at either 1pm or 7pm EST. January 17th, January 24th, January 31st, February 7th, February 14th, February 21st, February 28th, ending on March 7th.

For additional questions contact me directly at [email protected]

You Keep Shooting!

Bryan F Peterson