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A course that celebrates your creativity-every week!

$495.00 8-week course
It all begins again: Tuesday OCT 5th OR Sunday Oct 10th
‘meet and greet’ on Zoom

“Wow! THE BEST course ever here at BPSOP and I have taken more than 12 courses in the last two years!” Susan P.

“LOVED LOVED LOVED the weekly challenges of each assignment. I had no idea how creative I could be when pushed!” Jerry F.

“Just signed up again for January’s course. This course was too much fun and I don’t want it to stop!” Count me in!” Barbara M.

“I just had more darn fun these past eight weeks and felt more inspired than I have felt in long time. Count me in for the January session too!”  Skip D.

Having trouble keeping motivated? Looking for inspiration? Do you need an excuse to pick up your camera? Still not achieving your Photoshop goals? Looking for some input on your photography skills? Are you ready to really expand your vision and push your creativity to the next level? We have the answer…Go “ON ASSIGNMENT” with Bryan Peterson!!

It is time to launch the third round of our extremely popular 8-Week ON ASSIGNMENT course with ALL NEW assignments designed to address the one area that ALL of us need help with:  expanding our creativity with our camera AND with Photoshop!  

Each week’s assignments are designed to make you think, challenge your vision, challenge what you think you know and call your attention to what you do not know.  Most importantly, you will learn and grow as a photographer, both technically and creatively.  

We will get started with a Zoom Meet and Greet on Tuesday, October 5 at 9AM CDT (4pm in most of Europe) and again on Sunday, October 10 at 1PM CDT (8pm in most of Europe).  During these sessions, students will introduce themselves and ask any questions about photography in general or this ON ASSIGNMENT course specifically.

For the next 8 weeks, students will work on two assignments each week and submit their top five images for that week’s assignments.  Of the 16 different assignments (2 per week for 8 weeks), at least 4 of the assignments will be Photoshop-related.  For each of these 4 Photoshop-related assignments, video lessons will be made available with the assignments to demonstrate the Photoshop principles.  And no worries – the assignments will NOT be complex multi-layering, composited Photoshop assignments! 

The first three weeks of assignments are provided below.  To ensure that you always have plenty of time to digest the assignments and plan your strategy to meet the assignment, we will provide a new assignment each week so that you will always have the upcoming three weeks of assignments to be working on and thinking about.  

Students will submit their top five images for that week’s assignments.  Twice each week, Tuesdays at 9am CDT (4pm in most of Europe and Sundays at 9am CDT (4pm in most of Europe), we will have a 2-hour Zoom Photo Critique Session, during which we will review and critique each student’s submissions for that week’s assignments.  Critiques will address how well the student’s photographs met the requirements of the assignments, whether the creatively correct exposure was executed, and both in camera and post-processing techniques.  We will also make the time to discuss the creative process, student frustrations, as well as challenges and triumphs while completing the assignments. Bryan will also offer suggestions for how to overcome these challenges and continue to expand your photography and creative skills.

Students can select each week to have their work critiqued in either the Tuesday or the Sunday Zoom Photo Critique Session, depending on their availability that week.  Although your work will only be critiqued in one of the sessions each week, students are free to attend both sessions and benefit from the critiques of all student photos.  Additionally, each Zoom Photo Critique Session will be taped and made available online in the event that your schedule does not support attendance at either the Tuesday or Sunday session, or if you would just like to re-watch and take in additional details about the critiques of your work and other student work.  

The first three weekly assignments are provided below so you’ll have an idea of what to expect, but be prepared for some surprises along the way, as well!  

Week #1 Assignments:

  • Black and White – create compelling black and white images.  Let your imagination roam and use shadows, reflections, filters or lighting to create images that highlight the contrast between black and white in your composition.
  • Choose one or two of these words and create compositions that demonstrate the words, without including any written words, people or even a part of a person (i.e, a hand or an eye) in the composition:
    • Awe
    • Innovative
    • Satisfaction
    • Craving

Week #2 Assignments:

  • In the Kitchen -Use the everyday items in your kitchen as your inspiration.  Maybe a reflection in the silverware, maybe a shadow created by a grater, maybe the action caused by a kitchen appliance, maybe a masterpiece of a dish that you made or the ingredients for your next dish.     
  • Double Exposure – create double exposures in-camera that combine two things that either (1) mean a lot to you or (2) follow your choice of a theme.
    • Photoshop Addition:  if your camera does not allow you to create a double exposure within camera, Bryan will share the process of doing so in Photoshop during your first weekly Zoom session. 

Week #3 Assignments:

  • Single Lens Focal Distance  –  pick a single focal distance (i.e., 16mm, 50mm, 200 mm, etc.)  by either using a prime lens or locking your telephoto lens on a specified focal length and provide at least 3 distinctly different, creative and unexpected compositions at exactly that focal distance.  The challenge with this assignment is to use that single focal length to demonstrate three different types of images.  Maybe a portrait, a panning shot and an isolation image all at the same focal distance.  Or maybe you choose to capture distant action at a telephoto focal distance.  Or maybe you decide to provide three different macro images.  
  • Pattern – create compelling compositions that fill the frame with patterns that are color complements (i.e., red/green, yellow/purple, blue/orange, etc.).  

For additional questions contact me directly at [email protected]

You Keep Shooting!

Bryan F Peterson