Kodiak Alaska 2022 #2



Kodiak Island, Alaska #2

Grizzly Bears, Eagles, Katmai National Park, Grizzly Bears, Stunning Nature Photography and Grizzly Bears

4-Day Workshop, $3695** 

August 24-28, 2022 

Meet and Greet on August 24

**Includes lodging at one of the homes that we have reserved on the island.  Students will have access to a fully equipped home, complete with kitchen, wifi and lounging areas to congregate, download and share photos and prepare meals, individually or as a group.  We will make time to shop for groceries and if you are not interested in cooking, you can pick up some prepared foods.  Past students in this workshop have really enjoyed the opportunity to have the space and the time together that the homes offer.  Also included in your workshop fees is your float plane airfare from Kodiak Island to a remote location for an all day trip to photograph the bears.

This 4-Day Workshop is a landscape photographer’s, wildlife and nature photographer’s dream! In addition to the amazing nature photography opportunities of Kodiak Island, we will also be spending an entire day in the Katmai National Park. After a one-hour float plane ride to a remote location in Alaska, accessible only by float plane we will have the opportunity to photograph 20-40 grizzly bears as they feed on salmon from one of the small rivers in this remote, pristine and undisturbed area. On our flight in, our pilot and I will determine where to land based on which rivers offer the greatest number of grizzly bear photo opportunities. From our offshore landing location, we will step out in our waders into the shallow, calm sea waters and walk onto the very land where these majestic animals are feeding. Of course, your safety is the number one priority and at no time will you be in any danger as our fully armed guides will be watching your back and keeping you safe.

In addition to this full day outing photographing the Kodiak bears fishing, catching and eating spawning salmon, we will also be spending time on the beaches of Kodiak Island and in Kodiak Harbor, where eagles are more plentiful than seagulls. We will shoot the amazing sunrise and sunset views from Parameter Mountain and we will have a salmon bake on the beaches in the remote area near Pasagshak. Expect no shortage of material for any nature and/or animal lover.

This 4-Day Workshop promises to be a true adventure-of-a-lifetime. For me, this experience remains as one of my top three most memorable adventures (and I’ve had quite a few in my lifetime) and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Your workshop fee includes your lodging for five nights and all ground transportation, including trips to the grocery store for provisions, as needed.  If you would like to extend your stay in Kodiak, please reach out to me or Lisa and we can try to arrange that for you.

To sign up for this workshop, click on the link above to make a deposit and secure a place in the workshop. To get additional information or ask to be on the waitlist, send an email to Lisa Phillips at [email protected].