Greece 2024



Greece- people, Seascapes, star trails & LANDSCAPE photography

May 23-26, 2024

4-DAY WORKSHOP – $1795

MEET AND GREET at 7:00 PM ON May 22, 2024 at the Kalisti Hotel & SUITES FIRA TOWN Santorini, Greece  

Unlock the Magic of Santorini with Rick Burress’s Exclusive Photography Workshop!

Embark on a visual journey like never before as Rick Burress, acclaimed photographer and expert, unveils the secrets of capturing the breathtaking beauty of Santorini, Greece. Join us for an extraordinary Photography Workshop that goes beyond the ordinary, set against the backdrop of this most enchanting Greek isle.

What to Expect: Immerse yourself in the art of photography as Rick Burress, your guide and mentor, leads you through an unforgettable experience. From the cobblestone streets of Oia to the azure waters of the Caldera, and the iconic blue-domed chapels against the stunning white-washed architecture, learn the best practices, techniques, and insider tips to elevate your photography skills to new heights. There is no better place to accelerate your passion for photography than Santorini.

Capture the Essence: Santorini is a treasure trove of captivating landscapes, unique architecture, and stunning sunsets. Rick will guide you in mastering the art of composition, light, framing, metering, and focus to ensure you capture the true essence of this picturesque island. Your lens will become a storyteller, weaving tales of Santorini’s charm through every click.

Edit with Precision: Unleash the potential of your photographs with hands-on editing sessions. Rick Burress will share his expert insights on post-processing techniques, turning your raw images into polished masterpieces in seconds. Discover the power of editing tools and learn how to enhance the natural beauty of Santorini in your photos.

Organize Your Portfolio: Building a captivating photography portfolio is an art in itself. Rick will provide personalized guidance on curating and organizing your best shots, helping you create a portfolio that reflects your unique style and captures the essence of Santorini.

Why Rick Burress? With 40 years of experience and a passion for storytelling through visuals, Rick Burress is not just a teacher but a mentor. Many of you are already enamored with his engaging teaching style and hands-on approach from his four online BPSOP courses. Rick will certainly empower you to unleash your full potential as a professional-quality photographer. (Check out these testimonials:

Limited spots available, reserve your spot now!

Don’t miss this chance to transform your photography skills amidst the stunning vistas of Santorini, the Treasure of all the Greek Isles. Join Rick Burress for an unforgettable Photography Workshop – where every click tells a story!

Come join me and your fellow photo enthusiasts on Greece’s most beautiful and most popular island, Santorini! Spectacular scenery at most every turn, as well as an eclectic mix of ancient villages and beautiful beaches! This workshop will affirm all you have dreamed of seeing and shooting on the island of Santorini, Greece and since we are going in late May, we will avoid the crowds too!


  • Workshop fees include all ground transportation during the workshop. 
  • Students are responsible for making a reservation for their own accommodations during the workshop.
  • Students will be responsible for arranging and paying for flights to and from the workshop. 
  • Check the latest guidance for vaccinations required to travel abroad:

**Recommended Hotel:

Kalisti Hotel & Suites Fira Town, Santorini, Greece

*You can stay at the hotel or lodging of your choice, but the *Recommended Hotel is where we will gather for the Meet and Greet and where we will gather before and after photo shoots during the workshop.

To sign up for this workshop, click on the link above to make a deposit and secure a place in the workshop.  To get additional information or ask to be on the waitlist, send an email to Lisa Phillips at [email protected]