Glacier National Park 2023




TWO INSTRUCTORS: Bryan F Peterson and “Mr. Sky Master,” Professor Mike shaw

4 DAY WORKSHOP – $1595

MEET AND GREET ON July 19th, 2023 

We will have a Meet and Greet on July 19, 2023 at 7 PM in the lobby of the *Recommended Hotel where we discuss student goals and objectives, and Bryan will provide an overview and rough agenda for the workshop.

*Recommended Hotel: To be provided in early 2023

*You can stay at the hotel or lodging of your choice, but the *Recommended Hotel is where we will gather for the Meet and Greet and where we will gather before and after photo shoots during the workshop.

To sign up for this workshop, click on the link above to make a deposit and secure a place in the workshop. To get additional information or ask to be on the waitlist, send an email to Lisa Phillips at [email protected].