Chicago, Illinois 2025



Cityscapes & Street Photography

September 13-14, 2025


MEET AND GREET ON September 12, 2025 at 7 PM at the **Recommended Hotel in Chicago

This two-day workshop in the Windy City when the days are pleasant and the evenings just cool enough will awaken your photography creativity and energize your photographic vision.

Chicago is an architecture and street photographer’s dream city and we will be spending all of our time in the city, visiting several of the surprising and interesting neighborhoods.

Emphasis in this workshop will be on the art of seeing, lens choice, exposure and composition. We’ll cover it all – macro, telephoto, wide angle and basic flash, both indoors and outdoors, from landscapes to people.

As is true with all of our two-day workshops, the time will fly by and when you wake up Monday morning you might be in shock, thinking to yourself, “I got all of this great stuff in just two days!?”


  • Students are responsible for making a reservation and paying for their own accommodations for this workshop.

  • Students and instructors will use public transportation (taxi, uber, trains, etc.) at their own expense during the workshop.

We will have a Meet and Greet on September 12 at 7 PM in the lobby of the **Recommended Hotel where we discuss student goals and objectives, and Bryan will provide an overview and rough agenda for the workshop.

**Recommended Hotel: 

The Talbott Hotel
20 E Delaware Place
Chicago, IL 60611
Tel: 312-944-4970

*You can stay at the hotel or lodging of your choice, but the **Recommended Hotel is where we will gather for the Meet and Greet and where we will gather before and after photo shoots during the workshop.

To sign up for this workshop, click on the link above to make a deposit and secure a place in the workshop. To get additional information or ask to be on the waitlist, send an email to Lisa Phillips at [email protected].